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At Wits’ End? Real Help, Right Now in Waterloo

At Wits’ End? provides assessment and crisis intervention therapy in order to assist people to rapidly stabilize the crisis, regain a sense of control, mobilize their strengths, create an individualized plan of action and emerge from challenging situations with enhanced skills, understanding and resilience. Catherine works with people in her home in a natural and inviting setting with a view of the Grand River.

At Wits’ End? Mental Health Support Services offers crisis intervention therapy in Waterloo for children, youths, young adults, adults and families. A crisis is any situation that leaves us feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, out of control or at our wits’ end.

Catherine Drown, Crisis Intervention Therapist and Registered Nurse provides real help, right now for problems related to depression, anxiety, parenting issues, suicidal ideation, OCD, attention disorders, psychosis, mood disorders, behavioural problems, school refusal, bullying and issues of loss and relationship challenges.

Catherine’s approach blends years of experience and training in crisis intervention with her dynamic and creative style to connect with others and help them to make positive change in their lives.

“Kids and dogs are my favourite people on the planet…they are honest and expect honesty in return…guess that’s why we get along!”

Catherine’s work is characterized by:

  • A philosophy of respect
  • Confidence in our own strengths
  • A belief in the vital need for honesty
  • A sense of humour in our interactions with one another

Catherine has been involved with both professional and volunteer efforts to build a stronger community through her work with:

  • The Waterloo Region Emergency Support Team (WREST)
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Past Chair of Parent Councils with Our Local School Board
“Catherine helped us deal with uncertainties which were frightening and completely out of our control.” - A Local Parent

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